Let Go and Let’s GO!

We all get into “FUNKS” occasionally!

Think back to your most recent funk and think about how that affected you.

Your mind awash with doom and gloom and negative self talk.

Words like “Can’t” and “foolish” and “Stupid” and “I know better than to have done this”

“What have I gotten myself into?”

This is usually lonely stuff that we do our best to mask so others won’t notice . . . because you know they’ll ask you what’s the matter . . . and the thing you least want to talk about is WHY you are in this funk . . . because you might not even know yourself why the funky frame of mind.

Odds are good, it started with some relatively benign thing that happened which you allowed to “spool up” to a fever pitch such that it’s consuming your total being to the point that you feel emotionally and physically devoid of energy . . . Emptiness and Helplessness!

How long will you allow this to derail you?

When will you decide igbok (it’s gonna be OK)?

Let go and reclaim your self.

Recovery from funk begins with this simple practice of deciding to let go.

A co-worker in my first job had a great saying about this self drama. Doug would say “Ain’t nobody got time for this. After all, no-one will care about it a year from now!”

Doug was always right!

In fact, my observation was that, in most cases, no-one cared about it a week from now.

THIS is up to you, and I know you can do it:



“Let’s GO!”

(Bounding back into life like a young puppy with exuberant enthusiasm)

Isn’t it interesting how hard we sometimes are on ourselves?

Quit it!


Published by Barry Owen

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