Lessons from a Snail Trail

Walking the dog this morning and glanced at the pavement. The sun was just rising and offered an interesting mural of patterns in the heavy dew,

I studied this Particular trail and noted only 2 straight lines . . . assuming one entry and one exit. This snail was on his/her way to somewhere and got distracted.

Perhaps “Drunk” on whatever it is that snails drink . . .

Maybe just enjoying a nice “swim” in the dew.

At great peril (These tracks are on the entrance to our street) . . . Snails don’t typically move quickly.

If you were to consider your path . . . perhaps from an aerial view . . . would it resemble this?

By no means am I belittling the fine skill required to meander aimlessly – We ALL need some of this in our lives on a regular basis.

Some meandering is very intentional (Vacations, Days Off) . . . Some less intentional – “not on Purpose” as in Mental departure from the matters at hand . . . Failing to show up and be present.

It’s that “not on purpose” meandering that I think is most perilous. The more we practice this kind of meandering, the “better”, we get at it!

Sometimes it’s “caused”by Social Media distractions . . . or TV . . . or conspiring friends or work associates.

The bottom line is that it IS a choice of ours . . . We CHOOSE to meander . . . It’s not something that “Just happens” or that other people do to us.

I think this snail “Gets” it and CHOSE to play in the street . . . Then went on about his/her business as evidenced by the 2nd straight line 🙂

FOCUS when it’s time to FOCUS . . .

Meander when it’s time to meander . . .

Be Intentional in all cses,

Just sayin’



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