Less is more – But WHY?

Let’s talk about FOOD!

In the never ending quest to feed something on the order of 7.4 BILLION people on planet earth, the “Food Producers” are (and have been for years) searching for more efficient, higher yield, less expensive ways of delivering “enough” food to every one of those people every day . . . all the while showing a healthy PROFIT for their investors.

For sure, this is a challenge.

One of the barriers is the pesky requirement by government organizations to regulate this production. They want to accomplish a few relatively important objectives . . . Require healthy food and minimize the impact on the environment.

Food production has become increasingly complex as the “Farmers” are becoming more like “Manufacturers” with new scientific ways of optimizing the yields and chemical make-up of what we eat while at the same time pleasing our taste buds.

Legions of marketers then go about their jobs of peddling these food products as being the BEST things since the invention of sliced bread (or the wheel).

Most of what we eat has been “Genetically Modified” . . . and even some of the stuff (food) that isn’t genetically modified is scientifically “blended” like the “Simply Orange” brand (owned by Coca-Cola . . . which is also dabbling in fancy new Milk Product).

All of these food production innovations come and go as marketing and regulatory oversight do the dance of winning market share and keeping us safe. Complex Carbohydrates and sugars got a bad name, so off to the races to produce more foods with more “Natural Sweeteners”

The “Organic” industry popped into view and discovered they could engineer LESS and charge MORE.

Imagine that . . . Just grow it like everyone did “Back in the day,” and source it more locally (and brag about all that in your marketing), and you can charge 1/3 MORE for the same banana.

Whole Foods Market was started and is still owned by a very smart Opportunist Capitalist – It’s a Supermarket just FULL of “Natural Organic” food with Less ingredients (Fewer Additives) at higher prices.

I’m am neither advocating nor condemning any of the above . . . It’s the way markets work, and companies must have profit, or they couldn’t stay in business.

One thing I know for sure . . . I can absolutely control what food goes in my body regardless of what “They” make.

I can “Shop on the outside” at the Grocery without going down the middle aisles because the outside is where most of the fresh food resides.

I can read the ingredients on everything I buy and decide for myself whether it’s worth paying more for food with less ingredients.

My wife Debbie has our family (mostly) on the Paleo Diet – Eating like caveman – and NOT eating ANY “engineered food.”

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

The food with LESS ingredients has MORE taste and isn’t necessarily much more expensive.

BACON is one of my favorite things to eat, and on the Paleo Diet, I can eat a LOT of BACON . . . But it’s gotta be Nitrate free . . . In our grocery store, there’s only ONE choice for Nitrate Free bacon (out of about 20 choices), and it is clearly the best tasting of ALL of them . . . and it’s processed LESS . . .

Instead of butter or shortening, we cook with coconut or virgin olive oil, and guess what? the oil doesn’t change the flavor of the food, so the food tastes BETTER (and actually crisps better).

Many folks are taking matters into their hands by growing their OWN food with garden plots in their yards . . . and “Locally sourced” meat and produce from nearby farms is starting to show up in grocery stores and restaurants (The Inn at Evins Mill serves ONLY locally sourced gourmet food) . . . the government regulators are apoplectic about figuring out how to reign in these unconventional food producers (Oh the irony).

So . . . LESS IS MORE!

and so it is also in my business of Real Estate Sales in Middle Tennessee.

In my 20+ years as a Professional Broker, I’ve started “Pre-Internet” and have witnessed the advent of that internet and watched it change the entire landscape and “Best Practices” for many practitioners. In a twisted way, what I saw happening was quite literally a shift from “Home Grown Real Estate” to Mechanically engineered Real Estate . . . and the progression paralleled that of the food industry . . . More additives . . . Strayed from authentic  . . . Less personal and more automated . . . colder.

In my view, the smart professionals are coming around to the simple truth that the internet is nice form of leverage . . . It’s a TOOL we can use “responsibly” to support us and our clients through the process of Buying and/or selling houses.

Many of these “Innovators” are doing more “shopping on the outside” and getting back to the more Natural and organic ways of doing business . . . good old fashioned belly to belly HUMAN interaction with a pure FOCUS on their LOCAL niche COMMUNITY.

In doing so, they are finding that they are able to provide MORE to LESS people . . . MORE Personalized Service – LESS dropped balls – MORE real Relationships – Less isolation in the office – More fulfillment – LESS stress.

All of this “Fits” the underlying mantra of Pareto Realty.

The “Vital Few” Members of Pareto Realty live and breathe these principles and are VERY excited about having the opportunity to be servant leaders in our respective niches.

When you get an itch to move, give us a call . . . for some good old fashioned, additive-free Real Estate Service.

We’re poised and ready and eagerly anticipating your call.


Published by Barry Owen

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