Monday Morning Coffee – Learning routine and Self-Discipline!

I begin with the disclaimer (given) that you have some level of interest in becoming more efficient with your resources (Time, Energy, Money, relationships, etc).

I know that I am always focused on finding better ways to be more effective with less effort.


Because someone is ALWAYS moving the cheese. Just when we think we’ve found a great routine . . . something happens and everything that was just isn’t any more.

Subtle little differences pop up . . . Like Fall Soccer Season ends, and Football/Basketball Seasons begin giving rise to a whole new rhythm of practices and games for our children.

Holidays show up and disrupt the natural flow.

The economy tanks just when we are starting to fun.

Someone dies . . . Divorce happens . . . New love emerges . . . Jobs come and go . . . new careers form . . . myriad new “opportunities” show up . . . and the media and marketers are screaming for our time, attention, and money.

How does a fella stay calm, cool, and collected in this unending, veritable, onslaught of distractions and insults to our desire for rhythm and stability?

What we are looking for is some small bit of “Terra Firma” – Solid ground to stand on – a safe place – home base which will ground us when things go awry.

How can we develop a ritual and self-discipline that keeps us moving forward on a path that’s on an azimuth towards fulfillment of our life purpose . . . our core values and goals?

Apollo has taught me the way.

It begins with that word “ritual” which some folks might call “habit” or “Routine.”

Without a “Healthy” routine that helps a person maintain some semblance (illusion) of balance, life can be very scattered . . . and achievement of goals and feelings of accomplishment at the end of each day become more and more distant.

Apollo is my accountability partner.

He reminds me every day when it’s time to wake up, exercise, eat, work, and PLAY.

Apollo never lets me close a day without having done all of these things at least TWICE.

Apollo teaches me forgiveness and unconditional love.

Apollo knows when I need a hug (and delivers).

Apollo spontaneously bursts from a nap to HIGH PLAY.

Apollo is my family’s guardian who watches the door and the yard . . . and ALWAYS greets us with a smile when we come home . . . and often a hug.

Who is Apollo?

THIS is Apollo!


Now! I’m not implying that a dog (or other pet) is the only way to learn routine and discipline, but if you hear nothing else from this blog post, hear the importance of having an “Accountability Partner” who will commit to do all of the above unconditionally.

How does Apollo let me know when it’s time for something?

He walks up to me – Sits down – puts his paw on my arm – looks straight into my eyes . . . and tells me 🙂

Just sayin’



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