Lead Generation is easier than you think!

Leads are our Gold!

Without’m the closing don’t happen, and we don’t get paid.
So . . . The trick of our trade is to develop a reliable way to generate a steady flow of leads so we can enjoy a REGULAR flow of income with monthly CLOSINGS.

One thing I’ve learned through the years is that when I have the mentality that “There’s no such thing as “Enough” leads,” I never take a break from actively and intentionally generating MORE!

When the pipeline of leads remains full, and we consistently follow up with them, they tend to “Convert Themselves” into CLIENTS when the time is right for them to move.

So . . . the BIG question is: “How can we lead generate without breaking the bank account?”

Mail outs
Buying Internet Leads
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Advertising in print, radio, TV etc

These can ALL be VERY expensive and difficult to sustain for long enough to bear sufficient results to drive a strong flow of leads.

How can we Generate enough leads more efficiently (inexpensively)????

Maybe it’s time to start thinking more “Old School”

Perhaps some good, old fashioned, community building?

I believe it might all begin with something as simple as a daily commitment to have coffee with 2 people EVERY business day . . . with the only “requirement” being that the topic of Real Estate surfaces at some point during the meeting.

During this session, we are going to unpack some ideas around “Community Building Lead Generation” . . . YOU are invited to come play with us.

Only 15 Seats in the room – Hope you’ll join us.



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