Lazy Intelligence – Monday Morning Coffee!

Good Monday Morning on this 1st day of February.


January is OVER?

How did THAT happen so quickly, and why is the weather so “Springlike” here in Nashville?

Are we all in the twi-light Zone?

Ah well, Let’s enjoy it while we’ve got it. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us for the balance of Winter?

In my never ending quest to squeeze More out of every day with less effort, I’ve been re-reading¬†“The 80/20 Principle – The Secret to Success by Achieving More With Less” by Richard Koch.

I’ve been a student of this principle for many years and even named Pareto Realty after it.

This is a principle that applies to ALL people and ALL businesses ALL of the time.

In many respects, understanding this principle sheds light on why so few people (The Vital Few 20%) succeed at the highest levels and consistently out-perform everyone else (The Trivial Many – 80%).

I believe that many people want to be the best in their profession and can’t quite seem to be able to “get there” as quickly as they would like . . . and may be exasperated as they see a few of their colleagues barely breaking a sweat and performing at markedly higher levels – and making precipitously more money.

This just doesn’t seem fair, does it? – working harder and earning less is wonky math.

Maybe they’re working too hard on the wrong things with the wrong people thereby reminding of the definition of insanity: “Continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.”

Perhaps it’s time for some mental rewiring?

Richard Koch suggests¬†“The key to becoming a star is to simulate, manufacture, and deploy lazy intelligence.”


“Deploy Lazy Intelligence!”

I’ll be exploring these ideas in depth with anyone who shows up in a free session Wednesday February 17 from 10-Noon.

Reserve your seat in the room at this link: Work less and earn more with the Law of the Vital Few

Consider The Von Manstein Matrix:

20160201_083356 (2)


Perhaps this is over-simplification at its finest, but it DOES seem to ring true.

This boils all people down to 4 distinct groups, and some people won’t like the use of the word “Stupid.”

As I consider each of these “Person types,” I can immediately identify a few people that match each one . . . AND I become more aware of my own persona.

I do not publish this with intent to judge as much as to inform . . . and invite anyone who cares to – to take this introspective a few steps further in the interest of self-improvement.

After all, doesn’t EVERYONE want to live a life of fulfillment and enjoyment?

. . . and “less effort” sounds VERY appealing.

So . . . For those folks who choose not to attend the 2/17 session, I offer the following “cheat-sheet”

These are ALL rules by which I operate day in and day out within my own company Pareto Realty.

By no means am I “there” yet, but I am making good progress and feel compelled to invite other folks along on this journey.



20160201_083421 (2)

So . . . Are you IN?

I hope you have a FABULOUS week!



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