Lacrosse and Driving

The rules and laws are (mostly) clear and written.

All of these rules and laws apply to all players and drivers indiscriminately.

There are enforcers (Referees and Police Officers), and they are visible and present throughout the game.

The players and drivers who stretch the boundaries of these rules and laws do so with a competitive Spirit.

For some, it’s just FUN to live on the edge where the adrenaline flows and danger/risk of being caught lurks.

For others, it’s win or lose . . . a RACE to the finish no matter what it takes . . . even it means being caught once in a while.

Most of these nonconformists get away with their shenanigans most of the time, and that only increases their thirst for excitement, and they push the limits even more.

Yes! They get caught!

and Yes!

They pay the penalties!

Does getting caught teach them a lesson?

Will they reform and begin playing by the rules and laws?

My observation is (mostly) NOT!

Ultimately, the Lacrosse rebels sit out with yellow card penalty, or leave the game with Green card . . . Drivers pay the fine or lose their license.

They acknowledge that it sucks to be caught as they revel in the “unfair advantage” they had while they were in the game.

In the end, they hurt the team because most of these folks committing these transgressions are the most skilled and successful on the field. When they are removed from play, it hurts the team.

and I would then argue that they are hurting the team all along with their reckless abandon in terms of Team Esprit de corps, legal and ethical obligations, and sportsmanship.

My daughter played Lacrosse for the first time this year and LOVES the game. I knew very little about the game and the rules (Same with Hockey but am LOVING learning as the Nashville Predators continue their march to take the Stanley Cup :-)) . . . and as I watched alongside the other parents, I realized that every game seemed to have different rules depending on the calls of the referees. Essentially, the most successful teams were the ones who stretched every rule imaginable from the beginning as a test to find out where the refs were in terms of enforcement.

The play was always on that edge, and the tolerance of the refs varied.

Our team wasn’t particulary “edgy” initially, and they learned a LOT this season about “playing up” to the aggressivenes and physicality of the other team.

Thus is the real world side of competitive environments.

Remember that in all things, some players will push to the limits all of the time which doesn’t feel fair to those who comply.

I see this also in my business as a Professional Real Estate Principal Broker, and I have learned that we sometimes need to “Police our own colleagues” who violate the legal or ethical rules and laws.

The good news?

We get to pick who’s on our team.

At Pareto Realty, we are very selective about who gets to play on our team, and we consider ourselves to be among “the Vital Few” in the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market, and we KNOW that the good guys CAN and DO win . . . and ultimately prevail as THE local authorities in our field.

How does this impact your life and business?

Knowing that the people on your team define you to the spectators, how selective are you WRT picking a team or adding a person to your team?

Is this about success . . . or the win/money?

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