Labor Day – The start of “School”

When I was in grade school, the school year always began on the day after Labor Day.

Nowadays, every year starts on a different day.

The educators have been experimenting with the rhythm in concert with notions of morphing into year-round school and trying to find creative ways to plan for the unknowable severity of the coming winter.

How many days do we build in for “Snow Days?”

I liked it better when I knew what to expect EVERY year WRT start . . . and was a lot less concerned about when it ended.

I could prepare myself mentally for the shift from the Summer routine into the school routine.

Here’s a sign of the real power of grade school learnings . . . I still function best on the routine I developed the first 12 years of my schooling.

Which means . . . For me, “School starts on TUESDAY!” the day after Labor Day, and I’m all grown up now and can make this choice for myself 🙂

Why is this significant?

It is this time of year that I begin thinking about my goals and aspirations for the coming year.

I reassess everything I do and prioritize.

I STUDY the market, the goings on in the Real Estate Industry, the economic and political environment, and anything else that might have an impact on our local Market.

I then consider what I am doing relative to the environment as a check-in for alignment. As I find anomalies, I tweak – Make adjustments.

The reason is simple . . . I don’t want to be dressed for a winter blizzard if it’s going to be Sunny and 85 degrees.

and . . .

I want to be certain that what I am doing is RELEVANT for the Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty and our Home buying and Selling clients.

To a certain degree, I view this as being “teflon” that protects us from the possibility of buying into the myth of the “Year End Doldrums.” I know that our business does NOT, by definition, have to taper through the Fall and winter.

The passing of Labor Day Marks (for me) the start of preparation for getting my business world on the right course for a STRONG end of 2015 with ample momentum to project/propel through the start of 2016.

TODAY is the day to matriculate in this school of success . . .

Will you show up?

Let’s DO this!

All boats will rise with the tide.

Ah . . . but today?

RELAX and enjoy your carefree day!


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