Knowledge and Information

Most of us have a LOT of information in our heads.

I know people who have virtually every factoid you could imagine about college Football.

Someone might say they are “Knowledgeable,” and they might be right.

Information is that stuff you memorized in school and regurgitated on the test.

To be knowledgeable, a person has internalized the information to the level of KNOWING vs wrote memory.

The more you KNOW, the more useful the information becomes. All that information converts from being disconnected strands of memory to becoming  a mosaic of knowledge.

As the memory strands intertwine and find new “us” context, power increases.

Same thing goes with people . . . The more you intertwine, the more powerful.

Know more people at a deep level, and your personal power soars.

The rest is just information.


Published by Barry Owen

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