Know what you’re signing . . .

I’m always amazed at the number of people who sign lengthy documents without complete understanding.

Isn’t it worth a PAUSE to ask questions and know a little more about the specific commitment?

What does it mean?

What could go wrong?

Does it REALLY say what you think it says?

What happens if it doesn’t . . . and you signed it?

What then?

Flip the coin . . .

If you’re the “Professional” presenting the documents for the customer or client to sign, what are YOUR duties?

Odds are decent you know those documents VERY well . . . and might be prone to certain assumptions (that the client really knows what’s going on).

You may even be a little impatient and show some irritation when the client has questions . . . because you’re on a schedule and didn’t plan on Q&A time.

As you answer questions, you may slip into your “Professional Jargon” . . . and the client only hears gibberish . . . leading to more questions.

Full understanding becomes elusive and trust begins to erode.

From that day forward, the relationship can only be more guarded as the client is suspect of your motives . . .

Did you rush through the documents because you don’t understand them completely yourself?

Did you rush through because you didn’t want the client to fully understand? (They smell “commission Breath”)


Did you rush through because you don’t care?

These are harsh realities, and they are very real.

The customers/clients rely on the professionals for interpretation of the documents to aid in complete understanding.

Shouldn’t the professionals lead the way in this scenario . . .

Make all the time necessary?

INVITE questions?

Demand acknowledgement of full understanding?

Do this every time, and business gets kinder and gentler.

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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