Knocking on old doors

Brainstorming with a lender today, and we cracked the code for lead generation with these 4 words.

Knock on old doors.

These are not aged doors . . . We weren’t talking about selling Historic houses either (although that might be lucrative also).

How often do you revisit prior clients?

What if you were to buy 5 tins of delicious cookies and 5 large helium balloons every week and visit one prior client every day AT THEIR WORK?

Oh! These folks would parade you through their offices introducing “My REALTOR” to EVERYONE who would immediately be rewarded with a cookie.

When you leave, that helium balloon will give your visit even more shelf-life.

Once you’ve visited all of them, do the same thing again except this time on a Saturday and visit their HOMES (that you helped them buy).

This may very well be the only “marketing” you’ll ever have to do, and won’t it be a LOT more fun than sending out 1000 postcards every month and waiting for your phone to ring . . . or cold calling expired or withdrawn listings?

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a “Public figure?”

If you’re in business – ANY business – you ARE a “public figure” whether you want to be or not.

and every public figure knows that to be famous you must be seen.

Quit being a secret agent and get out their amongst your peeps!

Now your only problem will be figuring out what to do with all that money and time you’ll be saving by not cold calling and marketing conventionally.


Off I go to knock on a few old doors.

Hope you have a great weekend . . . and I hope YOUR team wins the SuperBowl!


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