Kids, Puppies, and Storms

It’s all about unpredictability, but ya gotta love’m!

Why love them?

Because they’re so adorable, and they really do try so very hard.

Without them, life would be so banal.

Everything is moving along as usual . . . and then things get quiet . . . VERY quiet!

That’s when know something’s awry.

The kids stop singing and chattering . . .

The puppies go still . . .

The wind dies down, and the trees stop waving . . .


Our minds make the shift from “Blissful Silence/Peace” to gut wrenching terror in about a nanosecond.

Yep! We know this sudden silence is too good (and sudden) to be true.

The Sh_T has hit the fan . . . or is about to hit the fan, and we have yet to discover/experience the mayhem under way.

All of these are forms of storms . . . That’s why we call them “storms”

They’re unpredictable and potentially unbelievably destructive.

This destruction could be “localized” wreaking havoc on a few selected people or wide ranging.

We’re surprised, and we must now respond.

The FIRST thing:

Take care of yourself!

Assess your personal well-being.

Take a moment to assess the scenario and arm yourself with the appropriate tools before taking action (Brooms, Mops, fire extinguishers, chainsaw).

Develop a “triage plan” . . . Seek the worst, most dangerous component of this carnage and focus on that first.

Decide to become the Leader you already are and rally whatever troops happen to be within earshot and COMMAND them to do very specific things.

Believe me, they WILL snap out of their stunned state and will respond and swing into action.

The first command?

“Call for help!” (911, Power Company, Kid’s Parents, Vet)”

Do what needs to be done until help arrives.

Every day, we all face these situations in our personal and business lives.

We are witnesses to tragic accidents, violent storms, criminal acts, and random happenings that jeopardize the safety of our clients’ business deals.

This is our burden of humanity, and we all know how to do it.

The truth is that only 1 person an any group will immediately rise to the challenge by proclaiming to be the LEADER by taking charge.

Will this person be you?

More about this here:

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