Karmic Justice in Real Estate

We all know the imminence of bad Karma.

When some folks do others wrong, we quip: “No worries! Karma’s gonna get’m”

This is eminently true in the world of real estate.

In any given real estate transaction, there are in the neighborhood of 42 people who participate from start to finish.

THAT’s a LOT of people to coordinate.

We REALTORS usually are the “quarterbacks” on behalf of our clients, and sometimes we feel like we are attempting to herd kittens – Mission Impossible writ large.

Most of the time, we are able to reach the closing table with minimal drama other than the occasional appearance of Murphy who DOES, indeed, show up at some time in virtually every deal. Because we do this for a living – every day – we are quite adept at handling most any snag we encounter (sometimes with the advice and counsel of our Principal Broker).

Thus is the “normal” course for folks buying or selling houses.

UNLESS – We run into a bully, egotist, knowitall, ruleignoring, greedy, opportunistic, cad who seems determined to make everyone’s lives miserable throughout the transaction.

Thankfully, encountering these kinds of people is a rare occurrence, but it does happen, and Often I, as Principal Broker, am the recipient of the opportunity to straighten it all out such that the deal DOES close.

It’s times like this and people like this who test every shred of patience with everyone involved.

It’s unnecessary disruption and angst to the nth degree, and the “victims” often want SOMEONE to bring this person to JUSTICE. Yes! We must make them PAY for the havoc they’ve created.

Here’s where I find it’s best to keep proper perspective.

We must maintain focus on the real goal . . . a successful closing.

Let’s “table” all this discussion of prosecuting this bull in our china shop and turn all of our attention to adherence to the terms of the contract and moving the transaction forward as agreed in spite of this person’s “crazy making” approach to getting things done.

We shift out surprise and anger and resentment with this simple comment: “Don’t fret about that jerk, we all know karma will get him in the end!”

and it will . . .

Karma has another role in real estate transaction (and life) with respect to “worrying”

Worrying attracts bad karma.

That upon which you focus expands . . . so to a certain degree, your worrying may very well be creating a self fulfilling prohecy.

Bottom line . . . In all cases, stick to the terms of the written agreement, keep level head, don’t worry, and be happy.

We REALTORS are your drama teflon!

Every day, I work with the Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty around these ideas, and it always boils down to staying on the high road and resisting the temptation to bring ourselves down to the level of the jerk . . . We choose to hold to our own standards knowing that this will attract GOOD KARMA!

Published by Barry Owen

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