Just FAX it . . .

Technology is not always our friend.

I submitted an offer for a Buyer client Sunday night @ 6 PM!

Because our real estate market is FAST, I put a Noon Monday deadline for seller’s response.

the Listing agent asked to extend that deadline to 6 PM because he was having difficulty getting the offer to his client electronically . . .

Between 6 and 10 PM, I received 2 emails from the agent neither of which was a counter offer – Both were Property Disclosure forms.

Throughout the day today, I periodically remembered that I had yet to receive this counter and called the agent to check on the status. Each time, he assured me that he had sent it but would send again.

By 2:00 PM, I was reaching exasperation and called the agent and asked WHERE he was sending it . . . He said: “To your dotloop” . . .

I don’t HAVE a “dotloop” . . . and he didn’t seem to know how to send the PDF in an email as a PDF . . . or maybe FAX it?

So . . . has it come to this?

Are we so tied to our resident technologies that it’s hindering out timeliness of response?

“Back in the day” this whole negotiation would have been completed in the matter of a few telephone conversations and a couple of fax exchanges.

Oh! . . . I’ve become such a sentimental old fart, eh?

but I LOVE my Dropbox with it’s Terabyte+ of storage capacity 🙂

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