Just confirming that your foot is on the gas?

This is the first full week of May!

Are you busy?

What are you doing that’s making you busy?

Is it the right stuff . . . the stuff that results in making money and/or fulfillment?

Personal fulfillment is important, otherwise it’s just another day in the grind.

If you’re thinking: “Another day of drudgery”, what needs to happen to make it “Another day in paradise?”

Something I’ve noticed about happy and successful people (REALTORS) is this Spirit of joie de vivre which precedes them as they travel through their days. We can sense this fabulous energy before these folks walk through the door.

Of course, we all have occasional “bad days”, and there are some simple ways to make those show up less often.

The first is to show up! REALTORS tend to be more productive when they (you) are engaged with each other because we’re a gregarious bunch. Not all of us are extroverts . . . We come in all sorts of personality types, and we all thrive on our own individual interpersonal flavors.

I’m indefatigable in my encouraging of the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty to be present in the office because I know that they feed off of each other’s energy.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy not to show up . . . resulting in loneliness and potentially less productivity.

Every day, I hear more people talking about craving for more human to human interaction (less digital).

Beyond that are the basics. We gain confidence when we work within a defined process . . . some habits that we do like clockwork every working day. For most people, we have reasonable ability to have great focus early in the day (so we do the most important stuff early) . . . and we lose our grip on control as the day unfolds.

Other ways to boost positive results is to do the “Life Rhythm” NINJA every day
GratitudesAffirmationsMeditate/PrayExercise2 Handwritten notes10 FORD calls2 Hours of Lead Generation 30 Minutes CINC and 90 minutes SOI2 “Real Estate Review” meetings each week (Lunch)
This business can be easy with the right habits.
So . . . Be truthful to yourself. Are you taking care of yourself and your business?
If not, why?
There’s no time like the present to step on the gas.
Remember: As each of us succeeds, ALL of us succeed.

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