Just because you can . . .

Because you can, doesn’t mean you should . . .

We all have potential that we choose not to exploit.


We CAN say exactly what we’re thinking about someone or something, but we often temper our comments through some “biting of the tongue” because we know we shouldn’t.

Folks who do it anyway are considered to be “unfiltered” . . . or just plain RUDE!

To some degree, exercising unbridled potential can be unnecessary and dangerous.

This thread of thinking also transfers to being financially intentional.

Where’s that “Keeping up with the Joneses” line that we sometimes cross which might lead us into dangerous territory?

Odds are decent that most financially stable people (Have a job, good credit, and money in the bank) can qualify for WAY more mortgage than they should.

The smartest, know that line and keep themselves from being “House Poor.”

“House Poor” folks live a HUGE house in the BEST neighborhood but may be unable to cover the mortgage payment and do simple things like furnish and maintain the property . . . and other minor details like clothing and feeding their children.

I had an inquiry from another REALTOR a few days ago.

She asked if I had any “Coming Soon” properties in the $1Million to $1.5 Million range.

As it happens, I know of a property in the $700,000 range that EXACTLY fits the description (Location, size, amenities) of the property she seeks, so I told her about it.

She chose not to show it because her client wants to spend $1-1.5 Million . . . Hmmmm

Just goes to show . . . sometimes we can open our eyes to “Below our comfortable means” and find bliss.

Blinded by the light . . .

If we’re going to make it in this market, we’ve gotta keep our eyes open to all possibilities.


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