Just be yourself

You have the power to positively influence anyone and everyone you meet.

This is REAL power, and it’s yours . . . No one else has YOUR power.

OWN this power and simply be who you are – always.

When you don’t, you cheat yourself and the rest of us from benefiting from your natural gift to humanity.

So many folks want to know the secret to success.

What’s that “magic formula” of Marketing and Lead Generation that will bring all the right customers to your business?

What are the juicy, secret scripts and dialogs that will increase your capture/conversion rate of Lead to Prospect – then customer or client – then loyal advocate forever?

Well . . . all the other motivational gurus are going to hate me for telling the truth because if you heed my advice, you won’t need to pay their prices to hear and learn stuff that likely won’t work (as well) for you as it does other people.

Here’s the secret . . . You already know all of this. This is the essence of you which you have crafted since birth.

Ooze your genuine self, and you will attract the right people. Of course, you’re going to have to let them know about your business, and because they are the right people, they will care and will personally be one of your advocates and will refer everyone they know to you.

All you’ve gotta do is keep in touch with them and love them as you wish them to love you . . . and support them in their pursuits.

OK! You’re already doing all of the above . . . Now it’s time to crank up your volume.

Do this:

  1. Database – If you don’t have one, start one today on paper or email contacts or spreadsheet. (Foundation)
  2. Sphere of Influence –  (Structure Framing) with 5 Categories
    1. Core Advocates – 3-7 of your biggest fans who literally RAVE about you and your business to everyone they encounter who even whispers intent to the services you offer.
    2. Inner Circle – 225ish people you already know well enough that they would stop you in the grocery store to say Hi. All of these folks definitely would use your services if they were aware of your business and would likely refer their Friends, family, and work associates to you (with proper “training”).
    3. Allied Partners – 150ish people who serve YOU! Your auto mechanic, server in your favorite restaurant, Family attorney, Accountant, Lawn care . . . If you are supporting their businesses, why wouldn’t they support YOURS? (with proper “training”)
    4. Network Potential – 800ish people whom you have met along your journey in life. These folks would recognize your face and your name but don’t know you well enough – yet. (need for proper “training”)
    5. Colleagues – 500ish other professionals in your field of work. These folks may live anywhere in the world. They have great potential for sending referral business and can be instrumental in the growth of your business through sharing and support regarding systems and industry tools.
  3. Beginning with the first person who comes to mind, add that person to the appropriate category and all of her contact information (Email, telephone, address) and other personal information (Souse, Children, Pets, Birthday, etc).
  4. Connect – Pick up the phone and call just to say: “Hi! I’m updating my Business database and came to your name and thought I’d call to say Hi and see how you are doing?” Use that conversation to fill any blanks in your database information and to mention (NOT sell) your business and that you will check in occasionally.
  5. Thank – Immediately write a very short note on a simple card and drop it along with a business card in the mail.
  6. Schedule Next Communication in your database. Could be a monthly mailed postcard or letter – a Weekly email with industry news – and a phone call every 3 months

Your Goal . . . Add a MINIMUM of 5 people and no more than 10 people into your database each and every day until you have ALL of the Core Advocates, Inner Circle, and Allied Partners complete. At a rate of 5 each day, you’ll have 380 of your most powerful relationships dialed in within 3 months.

There now . . . Do this and you will find yourself getting 80% of your business from your nearest and dearest Friends.

The bast about this?

People generally refer people who are just like themselves

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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