It’s too difficult to buy direct, so AMAZON thrives

I’ve been conducting an experiment.

The logic of the experimental method is that it is a controlled environment which enables the scientist to measure precisely the effects of independent variables on dependent variables, thus establishing cause and effect relationships. This in turn enables them to make predictions about how the dependent variable will act in the future.” Source

It’s been argued that is so successful because of its amazing CONVENIENCE!

No matter what you’re seeking it’s likely buyable from

My experience is that many prices are lower on Amazon than they would be in a retail store.

For a small fee (@$120/yr), any member can become a “Prime Member” which pays for itself very quickly in terms of FAST and FREE shipping and delivery along with lots of other perks (“Free” Audio Books and Music and Movies and likely many other things I don’t know about)

Amazon does what it does VERY well, because we can shop from our dens in our skivies and never leave the house, and the goods magically appear on our front stoop within hours of placing the order.

My experiment . . . I wondered if I were a “Brand Loyal” shopper, would I be able to go directly to the manufacturer’s website and give THEM my money (without whatever split they’re giving Amazon) and have a satisfactory experience?

I’m 30 days into the experiment, and the humbling truth is that no one has been able to come anywhere close to the Amazon experience. I’ve bought clothes and electronics and shoes and in every case have paid the same (or more) and have had deliveries in the range of 7-10 days for their versions of “Free Shipping and delivery” (In quotations because there’s a cost of inconvenience . . . It’s not free in terms of not knowing when or if the product will show up.)

So my conclusion is that the Brand Retailers are actually driving their customers AWAY from their own on-line stores and pushing them to Amazon. This is a dangerous game, because what happens is erosion of brand loyalty. When the Brand Loyal customer shops on Amazon, Amazon shows products “other people bought after viewing this product”.

It’s not the consumer’s fault brand loyalty is dying . . .

Look at YOUR business relative to your largest competitor.

What are you doing (or not doing) that’s potentially driving your loyal customers away from your business?

Think “Convenience” always!

How can you improve the “shipping and delivery” of your product or service?

All of this comes to mind for me now as I work on a complete re-write of the Pareto Realty Website.

I learned from my Amazon experiment and decided to “give more” by offering, in great detail, the entire process of Buying and Selling a house. This content will all be “consumable” within a few days from now.

Our focus for our Home Buying and Selling clients is on convenience. We know that, the more understanding our clients know of the process, the more efficient the process will be.

Continuous improvement EVERY day!

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