It’s time for you Home Sellers to expose yourselves


This market is begging you to bare it to the public.

If before, you were bashful and fearful of how the market would respond to your house, now you can put it on the market and sing from the hilltops.

Let the REALTORS be the Pied Pipers bringing ready, willing, and able Home Buyers to your house.

To make the most impact with your exposure to the general public, timing and strategy are now more critical before.

Do you tease them by putting a “Coming soon” rider on your sign a couple of weeks before you list it?

Does you REALTOR “Pre-market” your house through networking with other REALTORS?

or do you keep it quiet and make it beautiful and uncluttered and put all your eggs in the single basket of SURPRISE by throwing it on the market on a Friday without allowing showings until the Sunday Open House?

None of the above are right or wrong!

They’re all good strategies . . . and it’s ALL about exposing yourself appropriately at the right time.

Show too much up front in some markets, and your listing will become a flash in the pan – Lots of sizzle followed by . . . nothing.

If you accept an offer before exposing it to the whole market, will you always wonder what would have happened had you let the whole market see it before entertaining offers?

My experience is that the Pre-market sales are typically more “friendly” with regard to the terms – Cool things can happen like a kinder/gentler arrangement for possession . . . perhaps some barter of furniture (and/or pets).

So Home Seller . . . How do you know when and how aggressively to expose yourself?

To get the best read on THAT, you’re best best served by finding a VERY active LOCAL neighborhood Real Estate Sales Professional who knows every REALTOR in town and every house available within her area of expertise.

This is “nuance work” that often defies statistical logic.

It’s February 11, 2013 . . . and I already feel like we are in our “Spring Market” in Middle TN.

If you want to know when I think the “right” timing and the “Right” strategy for exposing YOUR house to the market here in Nashville and surrounding, give me a call . . . Let’s conspire to sell your house quickly at the best terms for YOU!



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