It’s NEVER “anyone”‘s fault

Who IS “anyone” anyway?

Why won’t “anyone” take responsibility for what happened?

Doesn’t “anyone” care?

How could “anyone” be SO irresponsible and disrespectful as to leave this MESS for US to clean?

We see this a LOT in real estate transactions. Something goes awry and NO one will fess up as to who’s at fault.

My question: “Does it REALLY matter?”

Especially in a real estate transaction in which everyone has the same goal . . . to CLOSE the transaction.

Sure the Lender might have dropped a ball or 2 – the Buyer could probably have been more diligent and accurate with providing required documentation – the Underwriter erred on the side of caution and nit-picked the file – the home inspector was too thorough and alarmed the Buyer – The appraiser didn’t use the right comps – the Listing agent priced the house wrong – the Seller didn’t fix things the right way . . . and the list continues.

Don’t worry about all of that now.

If you have the energy for it after the closing, conduct your own AAR (After action Review) to learn from the chaos that had ensued . . . and adjust accordingly so as to avoid future similar mishaps.

When things go weird in a combat situation, there’s only ONE direction to go – FORWARD – and ZERO time to delay – This is the “Fog of War” phenomenon . . . When in the heat of things, laser focus on the target/goal cuts through the fog.

when “anyone fails/stumbles” SOMEONE must rise above the drama and keep things moving or the effort fails . . .

Why not let that “SOMEONE” be YOU?

You little HERO, you!


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