It’s fancy, but does it work?

This is a “Useless Box”

What I love about this is there no trickery or deceit . . . That box really IS useless for anything other than idle amusement.

I think just about everyone would tire of flicking the button after a few hundred tries.

These days. there’s no shortage of new gizmos to entertain our incessant desire for hyperstimulation.

The problem is that we’re seldom fulfilled by more flash, more buttons, more options, more glitz and glamor.

When something is VERY simple and does exactly what it’s supposed to do consistently and persistently over time, we find ourselves AMAZED at the “Simplicity of design and functionality”.

We don’t get that by adding more buttons, but some designers think that more buttons will attract more people because it looks COOL!

I think less is more.

Most people lose patience with complexity and end up using a very small percentage (20% or less) of the capability of most gadgets.

Do you have a “Navigation system” in your car with hands free cell capability and the ability to make adjustments to windows and climate control and the radio with voice commands?

Isn’t it REALLY cool that you could do all that stuff?

How many of those functions do you use daily?

Did you actually learn the language for speaking the commands?

or . . . Like me, do you use the Cell phone hands free and then use the buttons for everything else (GPS, Radio, AC)?

KISS still applies – Keep It Simple Stupid

This goes for EVERYTHING!

We really don’t need more complexity in our lives.

Deliver something simple that does exactly what the user wants it to do.

PSSST – This also goes for websites . . .

When’s the last time you tried to make sense of the website from any News/Media source? Go take a peek at the website of any TV station and then report back to me how overwhelming the experience was.

When I launched Pareto Realty in 2010, the fundamental premise was along these lines of the “Pareto Principle” (AKA the 20/80 Principle)

When it comes to our specialty – The process of supporting our Niche Real Estate Sales Professional Members such that they can serve local House Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee . . . we kept things simple.

There are no “add on fees” or compulsory requirements for our agents to use “in-house services,” and our compensation model is simply 80/20 . . . no strings attached – no complexity.

Every day, we wake up thinking about ways we can serve MORE with less.

What’s one thing less that I can do today and still get the same or better results for my client?

What will you do today to simplify?

Published by Barry Owen

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