Monday Morning Coffee – It’s ALL Good!

Good morning!

I think we’re FINALLY shifting from winter to Spring here in Nashville.
With all of the recent Spring Showers, our world is beginning to BLOSSOM in so many ways.
Lots of spring showers means more clouds and less sun . . .
and it’s all good because . . .
the trees and grass are becoming GREEN and flowers are showing up and all of the world’s creatures are coming out to play.
All of this blossoming yields LOTS of new pollen in the air – and ALLERGIES kick in . . . 

and it’s all good because we can rejoice in the NEW season and play more outside . . . I can’t wait for the pool to open.

When we say: “It’s ALL Good!” . . . Not to say that EVERYTHING feels good all the time . . . Sometimes It doesn’t yet it all DOES happen for a reason, and we DO have choices.

1. We can choose to embrace whatever happens, learn from it and continue moving FORWARD. This would require only one presumption: “It’s ALL Good!”


2. We can choose to hold on to our issues with what happened . . . begrudge . . . Judge . . . smudge . . . pudge . . . fudge . . . and generally allow it to control our very being in our obsessive compulsive need to CONTROL thereby FREEZING our place in time assuming a posture of inaction and inflexibility and derailing our focus from a path towards our GOALS/Objective . . . to a focus on lamenting what happened.


3. We can choose to quit!


4. We can choose to shift our focus on MOVING AWAY from all of “THAT” stuff that happened. This path of focusing on moving AWAY doesn’t necessarily get us to the “right place” . . . only to a DIFFERENT place which may or may not be better than original goal.

Unless you’ve resolved to change the goal, there’s really only one viable choice (#1) . . . Hold to your original azimuth and continue FORWARD.

When you get there, you’ll have some great stories about you (The Hero) who has successfully journeyed through peril, temptation, self-doubt, and myriad toxic relationships . . . and miraculously were able to hold true focus on the PURPOSE of the journey to the degree that NOTHING could stop you forward motion . . . NOTHING!

The ONLY perspective that will time and again give you the intestinal fortitude to persevere is:


I am facing what I am facing for a reason.

What’s my best path . . .

Over it?

Under it?

Through it?

and what learning is this obstacle here to give me?

Of course . . . None of this matters if you don’t know your purpose :-)

The past few years have presented myriad challenges for all of us, and we have persevered. My rendition of this change included a tumultuous shift in my career which caused much angst . . . and as I reflect on it all, I see now that it was ALL good.

Thanks to the turmoil in early 2010, I chose to continue to move forward and created and launched Pareto Realty – a Real Estate Sales firm with a very clear purpose – To create an environment that will attract “The Vital Few Real estate Professionals who are by nature Niche oriented . . . and to grow throughout Middle Tennessee slowly and carefully.

So far so good . . .

AND . . . I was able to relaunch my own personal Real Estate Sales Practice (After having paused it for @ 4 years while managing a large local Firm). This has been SO rewarding getting back to doing what I love to do . . . Serve LOCAL House Buyers and Sellers impeccably.

Who do you know thinking about a move any time in the near or distant future?

Today, I am full of life and energy for the unfolding of “Phase 2” of Pareto Realty with all new brand Image and a soon to launch (and AWESOME) website . . . and coming some time this year, the first of our CRC (Community Resource Center) offices . . . a “Learning Center” for REALTORS and the General public which will double as our Pareto Realty office . . . We are actively seeking retail storefront office space in Lions Head area . . . and partners to work with us through the launch.

It’s ALL good!

Whatever you are doing . . . Are you moving FORWARD?

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and feel ready to tackle big self-discovery issues and opportunities . . . and are interested in finding a higher level of personal and professional performance, consider attending the next Life Rhythm Workshop.

It’ll help you clarify your path and give you some great tools and habits to help you with your journey.

Details are here

It’s all GOOD!

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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