It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Darius OopDarius Rucker was at Koka Booth Amphitheater on Sunday, and my “Family” (Buck, Win, and Betsy) all had the good fortune of getting up close and personal with him.

I’ve never been much aware of famous musicians, so I honestly didn’t appreciate the significance of the photos they posted on facebook yesterday.

Today, I had a LONG drive through some very rural areas and listened to country music for 3+ hours on the radio. I like country music because it almost always “speaks to me” with stories about issues of the day and a seeming yearning for a return to simpler life.

One song particularly caught my attention . . . and when I googled it, I learned that it was Darius Rucker.  (Small world story)

STRONG lesson!

don’t take life so seriously . . . Quit with the resentment and regret – Life’s too short.

Because – Good, Bad, or ugly . . . It Won’t Be Like This For Long.

I think about this every day when I see our beautiful children blazing their own paths.

and as we at Pareto Realty navigate the choppy seas of the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market.

Connect with us when you’re ready to move in, up, or on 🙂

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