It may not BE about you!

These days, I’ve noticed a hair more anxiety in the air.

Things just aren’t happening as many people wish (or expect).

I know in the real estate industry, every deal is 4 or 5 times as difficult to consummate as they were a couple of years ago . . . and each deal carries more angst centered around uncertainty – of jobs, mortgage blips, appraisals, etc.

We’re all strung a little (or a LOT) tighter.

When things aren’t going right, it’s easy for the quintessential Professional to shoulder ALL of the responsibility (blame), and I believe that most of the Professionals out there ARE the High Achieving performers . . . the others have fallen aside.

After all, WE are the professionals and WE should be the ones to foresee blips and WE should be the ones with the magic wands that we can wave and make everything all better, RIGHT?

So if anything goes wrong, it MUST be OUR fault.

“If people aren’t responding to my calls . . . I must have done something to irk them . . . They’re avoiding me!”


“The deal died, and I think my Buyer is ticked off at me for not pulling it together.”


Time for the Get Real pill.


Purge yourself of this egotistical mumbo-jumbo.

Isn’t it possible that those people who aren’t calling you back fast enough to please you have their own complex maelstroms for lives?

Everyone has their own story humming along in the background, and their priorities may not align perfectly with yours.

Is it REALLY possible for you to anticipate EVERY bump in an ever transforming road winding through an economic minefield?

It’s as if you are attempting to drive a high performance sports car at top speed on a back-country (unpaved) road.

You cannot change the road . . . but you’re gonna HAVE to change your driving style lest you encounter certain demise.







Don’t forget that you cannot do any of the above until you check your big, fat ego at the door and accept the notion that you’re NOT such a powerful human that you actually are the creator of ALL things good and bad in your life.

Stuff happens!

What you think expands!

Clear vision of where you’re going is more important now than EVER!

You can still drive that high performance car . . . just be kind to yourself along the way and take care of yourself so you’ll still be standing when you get there 🙂

I’m just sayin’



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