It can’t be done

“They” say it can’t be done?

Who are “they” who are so smart?

Are “they” seers.


Dream Killers?

Are we here to prove them wrong?

What happens when we DO prove them wrong?

This is what makes a great story – The heroic journey of the person or team who did the undoable.

These stalwart heroes are legendary – Iconic Leaders.

Trailblazers . . .

We ALL have this potential and tapping into it is as easy as refusing to hear what “they” say.

In virtually every real estate transaction, there comes a time when “They” say it’s over . . . that the deal is dead and simply cannot be revived.

Every day, I hear of heroic feats of selfless REALTORS who even with great trepidation step into the fire and do whatever it takes to prove them wrong.

We REALTORS have daily “opportunities” to make magic from mayhem . . . and we do it.

What are your stories of proving “them” wrong?

I believe every business has a fantastic story about accomplishing what “they” said couldn’t be done, and it’s these stories which seed the culture.

The companies and people who fail do so because of losing touch with their story and begin listening to the talking heads who put parameters on their potential by telling them what CANNOT be done.

It CAN be done, and YOU are JUST the right person/team to do it NOW!


PSSSST . . . My daughter’s 8th grade basketball team are celebrating a very sweet victory tonight having won a game “They” said couldn’t be won against the undefeated team in the league – 24-21 – YAY!

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