Is your marketing creating the change you desire?

“When you’re marketing change, you’re offering a new emotional state, a step closer to the dreams and desires of your customers, not a widget.” (From This Is Marketing by Seth Godin page 78)

4 pages later, he offers some sage advice to REALTORS entitled: “No one is happy to call a real estate broker”. I’m not going to type the 4 pages . . . You’re gonna have to get yourself a copy of the book to get the full text – and no – Seth is not paying me to promote his book.

I will, though, offer some very sound bytes of knowledge:

  • “It’s our job to watch people, figure out what they dream of, and then create a transaction that can deliver that feeling.”
  • “people confuse wants and needs. What we need is air, water, and a roof over our heads. Pretty much everything else is a want.”
  • “people are intimately aware of their wants (which they think of as needs) but they are absolutely terrible at inventing new ways to address those wants. They often prefer to use a familiar solution to satisfy their wants, even if it’s not working very well.”
  • (The confusion of) “mistakenly believing that everyone wants the same thing.”
  • “Nobody needs (to work with you) . . . They want (to work with you) because of how it will make them feel.”
  • “We take people on a journey; we help them become the person (Family) they’ve dreamed of becoming, a little bit at a time.”

End of quotes . . . You’ll have to get a copy of the book for the rest. This is NOT a book you read at a single sitting. In fact, we “Vital Few of Pareto Realty” are reading only 2 chapters each week and gathering for 30 minutes every Thursday to discuss. I cannot imagine a more appropriate “Training Regimen.”

and the best part about it (for me)? . . . I didn’t have to write the “curriculum”, and I’m learning along with the whole tribe as well as a few other folks from other firms and industries. You, too, are welcome . . . Simply get your copy of the book and join us Thursdays at 11 in the Pareto Realty Office.

I feel like I cheated on this blog post because I didn’t write it – Seth Godin did the heavy lifting.

As I was reading these 2 chapters this morning, I felt that these ideas are too important not to pass along to anyone and everyone within my Sphere of Influence . . . and my best “venue” for spreading great ideas is here at

Now . . . Go forth and work your magic!

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