Is your HAMMER your only tool?

Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Law of the Instrument (WIKI)

Do you know anyone whose style is all HAMMER?

Does this person get more done because of her advanced hammering abilities?

When issues and opportunities arise, does she HAMMER them with all her might?

What if there aren’t any issues?

Does she look for things to HAMMER?

Do you enjoy hanging out with this person?

I guess it could be entertaining to watch her work with her hammer (as long as you’re not the nail).

Every so often, we find ourselves in transactions in which the representative on the other side of the table is a HAMMER.

These deals are seldom easy because for the duration of the transaction, all of that hammering often destroys more than it constructs.

Even when the contractual obligations are crystal clear . . . if they don’t please the HAMMER, everyone in the deal becomes a nail . . . and NO ONE is exempt.

We all have HAMMERS in our lives, and some of us cope better than others.

My message to these HAMMERS is that there are a finite number of nails (relationships) on this planet . . .

Who will you HAMMER when they all choose to move on?

BTW – I DO understand that sometimes a HAMMER is the right tool  . . . Just don’t let it be your ONLY tool 🙂


Published by Barry Owen

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