“Is there any room on the price?”

What’s the use of asking:

“Is there any room on the price?”

The answer of any exclusive agent who honors fiduciary duty to the client will answer: “NO!” every time . . . because the asking price is the price.

If you want to know if there’s room on the price, go to the “trouble” to compose an offer, put a serious amount of earnest money with it, and sign your “John Hancock” . . . You’ll know within hours if there’s “room on the price.”

What this question communicates to me as a Listing agent is that there’s a “bottom fishing” buyer swarming around looking for a deal . . . and the agent “doesn’t want to waste time” writing an offer that the Seller will just reject.

All I can say is that I will present any and every offer that shows up . . . and I can promise that regardless of the offer relative to the price, I will be sure that the seller will respond . . . and will most definitely negotiate price and terms when a real, live offer shows up.

Be that real. live offer . . . and I’d gladly work with you through any negotiation that ensues.

There ya have it


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