Is the system down?

What would you do if the internet crashed 5 minutes from now?

I’m not talking about about a website being down . . . or your modem going bad . . . or the power going out . . . I’m talking about a complete crash of the internet.

Your smart phone wouldn’t be so smart anymore – the flip-phone hold-outs would be gloating.

Everything works just as it always has with the exception of the internet.

While the internet mechanics make themselves busy trying to revive it, what do we do?

Heck! We have NO clue how long it might take to fix the internet . . . This has never happened on this scale before.

I figure we would start with denial . . . Reasoning that it must just be a blip. Maybe if we reboot our computers, it’ll resuscitate itself.

As time passes, worry will set in. We will worry a LOT and we will imagine all kinds of scenarios all the way up the probability that the apocalypse is upon us.

Yes – The Sky IS, indeed, FALLING!

Now it’s time to lynch someone for crashing the internet or failing to maintain it sufficiently. we must gather committees and posses and find this idiot who allowed this to happen.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists will stir up some very believable scenarios with everything from terrorists to elaborate Government interference so as to have more control over the citizens . . . to partisan political finger pointing.

While all of that is happening, how do WE rewould notspond?

Do we quit working?

Can you transact business without the internet?

Seriously! Are you so proudly “paperless” that you wouldn’t be able to write an offer or list a property?

You might be thinking that everything I am saying is simply not possible and that I am delusional . . . there is NO way the internet would EVER go down.

What if I’m not delusional?

Are you prepared to adapt your ways to be able to operate without the internet?

Guess what?

There will be plenty of folks who WILL be able to adjust and continue to operate by returning a to “paper” based business and relying on colleague relationships to do business.

There would be an up-side to the internet crashing . . . emergence of LOCAL community.

Sunday morning musings . . .

Published by Barry Owen

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