Is the Mid-Century Ranch an Endangered Species?

Is Extinction Imminent?

Here in Nashville (Middle TN) in the 1940s to the 1970s, there were something in the neighborhood of a Bajillion Brick Ranch houses built on relatively spacious in-town lots (1/4 – 1 Acre). Some folks believe there was only one floor plan available for this 30 year period, and the only variation on the plan was the size of the house . . . builders might build’m longer or wider, but otherwise stuck with a plan that seemed to work.

These brick ranches have served us all very well . . . and continue to serve us . . . but it seems the hunting season is WIDE open with no apparent limits.

House Builders and Developers now seem to have a primary focus on what has been coined “In-Fill Development” . . . which goes something like this:

Find an old house on a nice lot in an urban area at a LOW price – Buy it – Tear it down – Split the lot – Build 2 TALL and DEEP, row house looking houses on the lot (often leaving very little yard), and VOILA!

I haven’t done the concept much justice in my run-on-sentence description – They really ARE building some beautiful houses.

My friend and colleague John Brittle is leading the pack. Learn all about InFill on his website:

InFill Nashville

Why now?

The palette of today’s home Buyer has changed. The buzz of the buyers in the mid-century times was all about going suburban – Move outside the city into “Bedroom communities” to raise families . . . the perfect little ‘Leave it to Beaver” neighborhoods.

Times have been a’changin’ . . .

The cities have now GROWN, and urban living is cool and chic.

People moving IN!

  • The old ranches are now Functionally Obsolete
  • The Highest and Best use of the land calls for higher density
  • Desire for Urban Living
  • Desire for NEW 

Not everyone is tickled pink with these changes (Imagine that).

Critics will tell you that this InFill stuff is killing the character of the neighborhoods, increasing the traffic congestion, and destroying the warm, small town feel that once was.

Neighbors are getting up in arms when see the heavy equipment rolling in to raze their neighbor’s houses which are then replaced by these HUGE MONSTROSITIES.

Like it or not, it’s what’s next.

This is change, and NO ONE likes change.

and . . . If it weren’t for the construction of these new houses, there wouldn’t be any construction at ALL . . . the jobs that have been created by the building industry wouldn’t be here . . . and our economic recovery would be S L O W!

So . . . Ride this wave with grace . . . and just know that “they” won’t kill ALL of the brick ranches . . . They’ll be BACK one day 🙂

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