Is January 1, 2018 just another day?

January 1 has magnanimous potential to be stupendously wonderful. exciting, and a bit scary.

or not . . .

It’s up to you to decide.

Will you wake up with a hangover from overindulgence climbing out of that stupor dreading the reality that you’re going to have to return to the “daily grind” that you have craftily abandoned for the past couple of weeks?

In this way, you’re dragging your unwilling Spirit, Mind, and Body to the slaughter of “same ole” . . .

The alternative is to choose to lean into the excitement of starting anew as you ponder the possibilities of how your life will change for the better throughout 2018 as you strive to achieve your goals.

Both of these alternatives require energy and effort, yet the outcomes are radically different.

The first way promises another “just another year of the same” . . . building oppressive energy.

The second beckons re-creation . . . transformation . . . and lifting energy.

Both ways are using the same energy and effort with radically different results.

I hope you’ll dance!

I talked more about this in today’s Live Drive Time video.

In case there’s any doubt whatsoever, I’ll be dancing.

It probably won’t be pretty, but it’ll be WAY better than the alternative.

How ’bout you?

BRING IT 2018!

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