Is it really Luck?

“Geeesh! Some people just seem to have ALL the luck . . .

. . . While the rest of us can’t seem to win for losing.”

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

Well, I hate to be the party pooper breaking up the whine-fest, but we ALL must take responsible for our role in the amount of luck (Good or Bad) in our daily lives.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post ignores the lightning strike or hit the lottery luck . . . That stuff just happens, and we’ve gotta roll with those punches and show the world our resilience and grace.

Almost 10 years ago, I was “down on my luck”. I was working many hours every day for not enough pay at a job that was not satisfying because I didn’t have the freedom to succeed (or so I thought). I wanted to be an entrepreneur, a mentor, coach, and consultant. We lived in a fancy house in a trendy area driving the “it” cars of the day, 3 Children in private schools, and ostensibly doing a fine job of keeping up with the Joneses.

It was easiest for me to blame our financial troubles on our bad luck, but the truth was that it was our doing . . . 100% our creation of our own demise. Somehow, someway we erred egregiously with respect to our priorities resulting in an accumulation of debt because of “more month than money” for years. “Bad luck,” indeed!

My luck went from bad to worse (or so I thought) when, out of the blue, I was “Fired in cold blood” for no specified reason. It took me about 3 weeks to work through the 5 stages of grief after which I had a “Luck epiphany” . . . I accepted my role in my years of bad luck and made a conscious decision to use this tragic happening to spring-board myself towards better luck.

Guess what?

My “Good Luck” improved almost immediately as I refocused my personal resources (Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, and Emotional) towards more healthy pursuits.

This got easier every day with practice.

I started doing the “hard work” of showing up and being fully present whenever, wherever, with whomever.

I stopped comparing myself to others.

I remembered my authentic passion.

I committed to be truthful to myself.

and most importantly . . . I pledged to a discipline of letting go of “bad Luck”

How’s YOUR luck?


PS – I have just last week committed to write a book . . . Something along the lines of “Nothing has changed – and everything is moving” (a working title) . . . a story of living life in Open Space. I’m not in a hurry, so I’m not expecting a “book launch” for many moons, but . . . I’ve started . . . Because this seems to be the right time for me 🙂

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