iphone? Droid? Netbook? ipad? QR Codes?


If you want to be a techno geek with all of the most current gadgets with all the chic bells and whistles and apps, you better be pulling in some jack (money) because that industry is as fluid as mercury.

As soon as you think you’ve got the latest and greatest, you learn of a new model (that does WAY more cool stuff) “coming soon” and/or someone else creates a competitive device that does the same stuff “BETTER”.

Each of those things costs $200+ and the best apps don’t come free.

For those folks who have no aspirations whatsoever to stay on the “geek cutting edge” are overwhelmed by the apparent raplexity to the extent that they simply freeze in their tracks and continue to resist the “social pressure” to enter the world of texting, tweeting, friending, and “checking in”.

There are 2 mutually exclusive worlds in our present day humanity . . . oil and water . . . techno and non-techno . . . with a vast, barren wasteland betwixt them.

Crossing that chasm proves to be a HUGE challenge for marketers . . . and . . . are you truthful with yourself that YOU are (also) a marketer?

Whatever you do . . . wherever you are . . . without self promotion (marketing), life gets pretty dull . . . less in-flow of new relationships that lead to personal and professional growth.

One of the recent HOT techno tools is the “QR Code” . . . Like the bar code on that can of soup at the grocery, most any business can use QR codes that people can scan with their smart phones to get more information about the product (or service).

these have quickly become the buzz for REALTORS.

the real question? Who is REALLY going to have the capability (knowhow and equipment and patience) to use and derive benefit from this technology . . . before the next generation of information transfer technology shows up?

1000Watt Consulting wrote great blog post today NFC = No More Barcodes . . . This post lays out what i believe a real truth.

QR Codes are too cumbersome and will be short-lived in their current form.

Does this mean that people should not use them at all?

NO! . . . I believe that mastery of each level makes mastery of the next level easier for the Geeks . . . and that with every iteration of the technology, the barriers to use (the chasm between Geeks and non-geeks) decreases.

Each generation is easier and less expensive (in time, energy learning curve, and money) to implement and use than the one before.

It’s a continuously moving stream of advancement . . .

My advice?

Watch and gauge everything you see coming into view as measured against your personal & professional needs. If the benefit outweighs the pain, hop in and enjoy the ride.

Really! This really IS all about you and protecting yourself from bright shiny objects that threaten your focus on the things that matter most in your world.

I’m just sayin’



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