Inviting Success Vs Avoiding Success

Of course, you would be APPALLED if I were to accuse you of having a tendency to AVOID SUCCESS!

Well . . .

Here it is . . .

If you were to “audit” your Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly actions – Your use of the available Time, Energy, and Money and measure what you are doing VS what you COULD be doing to advance your career, how would you fare?

I’m not sure ANY of us could answer that question with a definitive:

“I’d ACE that audit!”

We all exhibit bursts of “Success Avoidance,” but most of us don’t recognize it when we see/experience it, and we waste opportunities and resources.

Some symptoms of “Success Avoidance” show up in the form of:

  • Failing to define clarity of purpose and goals
  • Refusing to accept “Accountability”
  • Wandering off-path in pursuit of bright, shiny objects (SQUIRREL)
  • Confusing Busyness with work that MATTERS
  • Nurturing the inner “Control Freak” by refusing to DELEGATE
  • Feeding a pathological need to be accessible to EVERYONE 24/7/365
  • “Working” 40 (or 80) Hours a week to “Do the job”
  • Perpetuating Drama and/or commiserating with Drama Kings/Queens
  • Failing to show up for Self and Career Development Opportunities
  • Living in a world of Limitations rather than a world of Generosity and Abundance

The easy answer lies in considering each of the above symptoms and commence a concentrated program to “Fix” what’s broken in your way.

THAT’S a daunting task that most people begin by setting goals and making lists . . . and dive in with great enthusiasm . . .  and most (80+%) will return to the “Success Avoidance Cocoon” Comfort zone within weeks.

Wanna know some great ways to trick yourself into making some REAL progress?

  • Begin INVITING people into your life . . . When you Invite, you’re the host/LEADER and you benefit by the built-in responsibilities and accountability that comes with that “Title.”
  • SHOW UP! Intentionally seek events (Networking, Educational, Social) within your field of vision (community) and SHOW UP!
  • BE PRESENT! Commit yourself to give every moment and every person your undivided attention . . . No distractions allowed
  • Follow your Heart! Know who YOU are. Don’t let others define your life experience. Be YOU!
  • Tell The TRUTH! Celebrate your accomplishments and be truthful with yourself and others at all times knowing that sometimes the truth will sting.
  • Let it go! Keep yourself on a path of Moving FORWARD! Don’t let the past define your NOW!
  • Know that Whoever Shows up is the RIGHT PEOPLE! Embrace EVERY human being who shows up in your life and with great enthusiasm make it your personal mission to discover that person’s reason for showing up.
  • Be Patient! Whenever it starts is the right time! Creativity and Spirit don’t manifest according to anyone’s “PLAN.” Create the space for miracles to unfold.
  • Don’t judge! Whatever Happens is the only that could have. Be open to others’ ideas . . . Don’t let your preconceived expectations and need to control build barriers
  • Move on! When it’s over it’s over! No need to “hash and hash” if what Matters has been accomplished – GO! Be useful elsewhere.

Many of the concepts in the above list come from 2 of my favorite Thinker/Leaders

Angeles Arrien – The FourFold Way 

Harrison OwenOpen Space Technology

My Invitation . . .

If you’re in the Nashville, TN area and are interested in “Unpacking” many of these concepts for yourself and/or for you business, you are hereby INVITED to join me in our next

Life Rhythm Way Workshop 

6 Weekly 2 Hour Sessions

5/14 – Who are you and why are you HERE? (Roles and Goals)
5/21 – Budgeting of your Energy, Time, Money
5/28 – IN your Business/Career
6/4   – ON your Business/Career
6/11 – Your SELF!
6/18 – Accountability

Cost $125

I believe we can ALL do better . . . Are you IN?

Published by Barry Owen

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