Internet traffic to Real Estate Related Websites SPIKE 15% in March . . .

Who’s getting the LEADS?

Did YOU notice the increase in internet traffic?

Did your flow of internet leads increase 15% in March?

The big players (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) are reporting marked increases in internet traffic in March and interpolate this spike as a prophesy for a ROBUST SPRING market.

Are Home Buyers and Sellers mustering en mass with intent to swarm the market place with a torrent of Home Sales in the coming months?

For sure, I’m optimistic about the coming months . . . but with some trepidation (The Rational/Logical Skeptic within is not ready to claim victory).

Some factors to consider:

  • These “Big Players” may be creating and/or inflating the reporting of this spike a la “Grandstanding” so as to put out there a prophesy that could be a house of cards. These big dogs are all in a HUGE struggle for POWER through RANKINGS, so they are literally creating a HUGE vacuum for internet  traffic . . . They are putting ALL of their resources into being sure THEIR site is the #1 site on most Real Estate Consumer Searches.
  • Number of Internet traffic/hits does not always translate into transactions . . . It’s simply an “Indicator” of life out there. I suspect that MORE PEOPLE are using the internet, and as the inventory of available house inventory shrinks in many markets, more Buyers are doing more “Trolling for new houses on the market” in an effort to discover new gold.
  • Until or unless the supply increases enough to fuel the demand, the activity simply cannot bear fruit. Buyers can’t buy what isn’t available.
  • The “Integrity” of the information on the internet has been compromised . . . Many consumers are looking but not trusting. Many of these “Big Players” are displaying unreliable and inaccurate information. They are not doing this intentionally . . . They’ve simply allowed users to input unverifiable information . . . so things happen like “Phantom Listings” – Houses “on the market” that don’t really exist so as to create a way to capture unsuspecting leads.

My intent is not to be a party pooper, but these are REAL issues that, like it or not, we will be facing throughout 2014 and beyond.

These are issues about which Real Estate Sales Professionals should care because they are a DIRECT reflection on the industry as a “Profession.”

For me, it’s all about the Integrity of the profession such that the general public TRUSTS practitioners.

Let’s have some serious conversations to address these issues.

Wherever you are in the nation, you are facing these issues . . .

Gather a gaggle of colleagues and talk about these matters.

Commit to holding each other and other Real Estate Sale Professionals in your market to a fair and ethical standard.

As I prepare for one such gathering (Thursday April 10) here in Nashville, I’m developing a list of topics

  • IDX – Why are some Brokers choosing to opt out?
  • Internet LEADS – Who’s getting them and how?
  • Real Estate Listing Data Integrity, reliability, and timeliness
  • The “Big Players” (Zillow, Trulia, – What’s the good, bad, and ugly?
  • Principal Broker responsibility for Affiliate Brokers’ actions
  • What’s YOUR Internet Lead Generation Strategy?
  • National MLS – Is it next?
  • Hyper-local MLS?

For sure, there’s more.

My expectation is that this April 10 Meeting will be a “fire-starter” and result in other (more specific) gatherings.

The goal is to keep us thinking and talking, so we can each take personal responsibility for being a part of the change that is going to happen with or without us.

The invitation then is to all of those Ostriches out there with their heads in the sand in denial to protect themselves from the radical shift/change happening that may very well re-define the way we work.



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