When are you MOST effective?

You know those moments when everything seems to be clicking perfectly in this magical flow that leads to the most tremendous results?

It’s times like these when we say: “Time flies when  you’re having fun!” because, in a seeming blink of an eye, stuff happens that WOWs the audience.

Some folks will say that it’s the result of pure FOCUS . . . which expands ideas and improves performance.

We shift from “FOCUS on the goal” to “Being the ball”

I think it’s deeper than learning to focus because there are plenty of people out there who have this focus thing nailed . . . yet their results show up in the median range on the scale from poor to exceptional.


I started to learn this concept as a swimmer in College and have been a student of “being intentional” ever since. Coach Nutty had a small but mighty swim team, and she worked us HARD with miles of swimming every day. I learned from her that we could vastly improve our performance in the water simply by being more intentional about our technique . . . all about getting the MOST out of EVERY stroke without wasting energy. We learned to maximize the mechanics of our motions and position our bodies for optimal Hydrodynamics.

The result was that our swimmers had smoother strokes and faster lap times than most other swimmers.

While swimming, we were literally thinking through every stroke and kick and compensating for “environmental noise” (excessive waves in the pool).

I also learned this  in the Army . . . the only way to walk in relative silence in the jungle is to be very intentional about EVERY step and movement. Roll heel-toe and use full muscle power to maintain control and balance . . . and carry our gear (often as much as 75 pounds of packs, ammunition, weapons) in a way that it doesn’t create noise either brushing against foliage or clanking against itself.

Being intentional is a significant upgrade from “half-assed” . . . or “just getting it done”





On purpose!

WITH Purpose!

So . . . YES to FOCUS!

I’m inviting you to be intentional about what you’re doing as you focus.

Psst – Most of the swimmers on our little team place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every Heat of every Meet . . . Coincidence?

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