Intentional Sprinting is a Business Building Catalyst

Seth Godin prescribes “Sprinting with intent, in a particular direction…” as being “a useful way to learn that we can make an even bigger difference.”

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How fast can you go?

This is different from the question we ask ourselves most days at work. Careers are often seen as marathons, designed to last as long as we do.

Sprinting—for an hour, a week or a month—develops a different perspective. It helps us understand our upper limit, establishing a performance setting that reminds us of what’s possible.

Not sprinting randomly, erratically, after shiny objects. Sprinting with intent, in a particular direction…

No one can sprint all the time. By its nature, that’s not sprinting. But sprinting now and then is a useful way to learn that we can make an even bigger difference.


I’ll bite, and I am IN!

I’ve been chewing on this post for 24 hours now, and I can see some REAL power behind this concept.

Many Professionals SPRINT all day long every day because that’s what “they” tell us what we’ve gotta do to get ahead of the pack.

The problem is “No one can sprint all the time.” . . . because eventually the sprinter will run out of fuel or worse . . . flame-out with catastrophic (spectacular) burn-out.

Enter this notion of PLANNING the Sprint with a clearly defined finish line . . . and incorporating this into a monthly routine.

Let’s give this a try!

Are you IN?

If so, chime in by connecting with me at

I propose a purposeful SPRINT the 3rd week of EVERY month – Beginning Monday with a finish line of 11:30 on Friday.

Why 11:30 on Friday?

Because we want to celebrate our successes with a nice lunch with our Sprinting partners.

The rules are clear (but may not be easy for many):

The finish line MUST be clearly marked which means that we must enter this Sprint Week with SMART (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant/Realistic – Timebound) objectives.

Appropriate objectives could be any number of things including:

  • Tackling a large PROJECT – A great idea that you just haven’t had the time to implement
  • A collage of TASKS . . . All those “things” that have been “on your list” for weeks, and you cannot ever seem to get around to doing them.
  • Lead Generation goals
    • Number of calls
    • Number of conversations
    • Number of appointments set
    • Number of appointments done
    • Number of new Contacts in database – correctly categorized
  • Learning – Commit to master/optimize your use of those “Leverage Tools” (People, Systems, Tools) such that your daily use of them becomes more efficient and useful in the “normal” flow of your business.
  • Anything else you can imagine that “needs to be done” to be a “game Changer” for your business.

This is not a game for the faint of heart.

All in or BUST!

One week of concentrated intensity on things that are important to the growth and health of your business could very well be the catalyst that catapults you through and OVER your “ceiling of achievement.”

We must commit to an all-out SPRINT for this entire week.

If you’re IN, raise your hand by “Friending” me at THIS LINK . . . Then go to the group “Sprint Game Changers” and request to be added.

Our first week begins Monday September 17, 2018 (Plenty of time to “warm up” before your sprint)

So . . . are you IN?


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