So much of what we all do centers around expectations . . . ours and other people’s.

Our whole society markets to these expectations and works very hard to shape our expectations such that we desire their “expectation enhancing” products.

This phenomenon tends to create an environment of insatiable expectations . . . as it seems everyone ALWAYS wants MORE and BETTER and EASIER for the same amount of money.

“Give it to me NOW, and it BETTER be PERFECT, or I’ll stomp away and tell everyone I know that your business SUCKS!”

I know the whole world isn’t like this, but I’m betting we all know people like this. I do believe that folks have every right (within reason) to demand top notch service and quality . . . the disconnect (often) has to do with the price.

“Nicer” is generally more expensive.

This is a dynamic that we Real Estate Professionals deal with as we guide our clients through the process of buying and/or selling their houses. Most Home Buyers and Sellers have expectations that have been formed through prior experiences or stories they’ve heard from friends, family, and work associates.

“Everyone’s a real estate expert when you’re in the market to buy or sell a house” and they’re all chomping at the bit to impose their expectations upon YOU!”

Don’t let’m trick you into faulty expectations that might cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in missed opportunities.

Find yourself a great REALTOR and LISTEN to that REALTOR. Ask that REALTOR every question that comes to mind. Be clear with the REALTOR that you want her to be CANDID with you . . . no sugar-coating . . . “Just give me the real poop Maam!”

Seth Godin wrote about Meeting expectations  in which he said: “. . . happiness and success are measured in terms of whether or not expectations were met (or exceeded) . . . we let expectations determine whether or not something good has happened. Not whether it was useful or kind or productive or delightful, but whether it beat our fantasies.

and he suggests that we “Focus on the wonderful instead of the exceeded”.

At Pareto Realty, we like that word “wonderful” and strive to deliver THAT EVERY time . . . We know better than to think we can “manage” other people’s expectations.

If you’re in the mood to move, let’s meet to explore your expectations 🙂

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