Innovative use of “downtime”

My mantra for several years has been: “Keep moving . . . FORWARD . . . ALWAYS” . . . with the unsaid underscore reminder that the “moving” is never about getting AWAY from someone or something . . . always moving forward, towards something new and important.

I believe the REAL secret to success is that “Always Moving” part.

Seth Godin played around with this idea a bit in today’s blog post:

A Slow News Day 

“I think you can learn a lot about an organization (and a person’s career) when you watch what they do on a slow news day, a day when there’s no crisis, not a lot of incoming tasks, very little drama.”

What do you do when there’s not a looming crisis?

Like a sports team that performs “adequately” for most of the game . . . and then WOWs the fans with SUPERIOR performance and creativity in the last few minutes of the game.

When there gaps of free time . . .

“Do we take the opportunity or do we just sit and wait for the next crisis?” (Seth Godin)

Start paying attention to yourself during these times and intentionally ENGAGE in something NEW that MATTERS every time the opportunity presents itself, and your career and life will likely change in a remarkable way.

Just sayin’



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