It’s the day before Independence Day . . . one of the most significant Celebrations of our Nation . . . because our Fore-Fathers stuck their necks out and claimed INDEPENDENCE.

I wiki’d “Independence” and got this:

 Independence is a condition of a nationcountry, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over its territory.

Especially intriguing is that last sentence: “The opposite of independence is dependence.”

It occurred to me that when we boil these thoughts and concepts down to a personal level, it’s this balance of Independence/Dependence that defines our Life Balance . . . Life Rhythm . . . Much of it has to do with our willingness to stick our own necks out and CLAIM our Independence from whatever it is to which/whom we are giving our power.

Replace “nationcountry, or state” with “PERSON” (YOU) and imagine your own version of claiming independence . . . “exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over its (Your) territory (Life).”

Our dependencies show up in all aspects of our lives.

  • Other people – Family, Friends, Work Associates, Clients
  • Money
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Resources

Our daily challenge is to find some semblance (illusion) of Life Balance. How can we “take Control” over our own lives/destiny?

The harsh truth is that this is something that no-one else can do for you . . . Like our Fore-Fathers, you’ve got to stick your neck out and CLAIM it.

Each quarter, I offer a Life Rhythm Way workshop, and YOU are invited:

Thursday July 12 . . . 10 til it’s over (Likely @ 12:30)

Come work on yourself for a few hours.

We’ll explore some BIG questions like:

  • WHO are YOU?
  • Life Purpose
  • Life Goals
  • Who are the important people in your life
  • What’s holding you back?
  • HOW can you claim independence?

and . . . I promise you’ll walk out of that room at the end with some ideas and tools that you can use IMMEDIATELY to begin claiming your independence to find a smoother life flow.

If you’re interested in getting a little more perspective on all of this, I invite you to read these 2 blog posts.

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Let me know if you plan on attending (Only 12 seats available), so I can save your seat.

Whether you show up or not . . . I hope you have a FANTASTIC day tomorrow celebrating the Independence of the Unites States of America . . .

and while you’re at it . . .

Declare your OWN Independence!

Just sayin’





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