Increasing Your Personal Value to Clients may not be as difficult as you might think

When’s the last time you had a client question your VALUE?

YOU know the level of service you provide, and YOU are absolutely convinced that what you do for your clients is over-the-top EXCELLENCE relative to the service your competitors provide.

The enigma is getting this word out so MORE people can have the benefit of working with you. Your entire marketing program is all about saving as many people as possible from being under-served by people other than you, right?

Seth Godin hit a chord with me this morning:

First, connect

“In the connection economy, there’s a dividing line between two kinds of projects: those that exist to create connections, and those that don’t . . . When you tell us about your business or non-profit or public works project, tell us first how it’s going to help us connect. The rest will take care of itself.”

I’ve always thought that the most successful people are those who totally “GET” the concept of “Leverage Through People” . . . If you know enough people, you’ll always have a GoTo person for virtually anything you need.

This class of “most successful people” are simply “Connectors” – They’re everyone’s “GoTo Person” in their field of expertise because if they don’t know the answers they know someone who does.

These folks NEVER “fake it” by pretending they know something they don’t.

These folks have the confidence to know their limitations and build relationships with people who can fill in the gaps.

So . . .

Do you want to increase your personal value to other people?

simple . . . Just connect more people to each other.

It’s an art form that you can only really learn by doing.

Happy Soaring!


PS – I cheat . . . by passionately (BOLDLY) living the FourFold Way in Open Space to created a lively Life Rhythm 🙂

This is how I serve . . . and this is the value I offer to my House Buying and Selling clients and to folks who are in the mood to practice their own Life Rhythm Art.


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