Immediate gratification is an anomaly

Many motivational speakers and/or authors of “Get Rich Quick” books pontificate endlessly as to the promise of miraculous results for those who invest in their “programs”.

The reality is that achieving quick success is an “anomaly – Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected”.

Instead, most of us mortals are relegated to the dismal reality that to achieve at a high level, we must do the work.

I use the term “Dismal Realty” with tongue in cheek.

Many of us rather enjoy the challenge of the work now and ahead, and what keeps us moving is the unveiling of new possibilities as we toil.

This is “Life Passion” and I hereby challenge not to allow ANYONE (naysayers) to deter you from your honest, laborious efforts.

Indeed, success IS very sweet because we have earned it by playing the long game . . . through active participation in achieving goals over time.

This is Life purpose stuff – not a short-term project to cash out.

This morning, I saw this headline in my Nashville Business Journal email feed – “Deutschmann cashing out of long-term bet on 12South”
Mark knows a thing or 2 about the long game, and this story honors his vision and life passion.
Mark has played the long game successfully with his real estate firm “Village” and has recently stepped down as CEO and handed off the baton to sharp group of folks . . . That firm became what it is because of Mark’s masterful play of the long game . . . and he has done the same with his urban development work and affordable housing . . . His impact on the vitality of the Core of Nashville (Core Development) is immeasurable.
Many people will see these headlines of Mark’s successes coming to fruition and might claim him to be a lucky overnight success because they haven’t watched him toil for the past 25 years . . . I’ve been paying attention and know better.
So . . . when I sat down to write this blog post, the topic was going to be about the graphic below.
I intended to encourage entrepreneurs – Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders to be diligent, consistent, and persistent in their lead generation efforts.
Know that lead generation is a “Long Game” . . . After all, statistically speaking, most Home Buyers and Sellers start poking around real estate sites 1-3 years before they actually actually take action. If YOU want to be the professional that serves them, you MUST understand all that is written in this post at a high level.
You must create your own success . . . and believe, me, it will show up when the time is right.

When do you bail out on a prospect?

My take on this is that they will convert to Client when the time is right for them.

Your Lead generation job is to, over time, communicate with them sufficiently that when they ARE ready, YOU are the only professional that comes to their mind. Your mission is to more of the prospects Mindshare relative to your industry than any of your competitors.

You can only “buy” mindshare with genuine and consistent communication.

pssst . . . Final thought . . . Don’t rely on automated systems alone (Email drips and mass mailings). ALL of your competitors for their mindshare are doing that . . . You win with personal contact.

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