I’m pretty sure the Pope didn’t commend ISIS

Regardless of the content, a few scrambled letters can change your entire message.

I saw this TRENDING NEWS update this morning:

ISIS might be harvesting organs, Iraqi ambassador tells UN, amid reports of more hostages being burned alive

For sure, that’s an unsettling title, so I clicked and read.

The first few paragraphs were, in fact, about the title and then it slipped into several paragraphs of “Background” which I remember having read (word for word) in other articles with equally provocative titles.

All of this would be fine were it not for THIS quote:

“The reports come days after ISIS released a video purportedly showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians along a beach in Libya, sparking an international outcry, including commendation from Pope Francis, who called the killings “barbaric.”

I added the BOLD on the word “commendation.”

Did Pope Francis really “COMMEND” ISIS and then call their actions “Barbaric?”

So . . . scramble a few letters, and the meaning changes significantly.

Did the author mean to say: “condemnation?”

. . . and this made it past the editors more than once?

I’ve seen this precise quote in 2 different articles which tells me that the “Author” is “repackaging” much of the content of a single article under different headings without additional proofing. It’s probably been published in MANY articles.


It’s things like this that discredit information sources in the minds of their readers.

It’s all in the details, and your public is unforgiving (Just ask Brian Williams).

Most of us repackage/Repurpose content.

This is certainly more efficient than rewriting the same thoughts from scratch each time.

A prime example would be your on-line bio. Isn’t it much more efficient to write it once and then copy/paste it into all of the various on-line public profiles?

As Marketers, we create a great message and “go as deep as we can” in all of our marketing avenues for consistency and uniformity of our message.

All of this is fine and dandy (and SMART) . . . Unless you’ve scrambled a few letters or been disingenuous with your message (Told little white lies and forgotten) . . .

PROOF before you publish!

Make sure the message you intend to put out there is the message you intend to put out there.

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