If you’re waiting for someone else to do it, you’re moon walking


The Michael Jackson Moon Walk . . . BACKWARDS!

We’re in a world in which the average Joe will abdicate responsibility if given the chance.

When things go awry, most folks will look the other way . . . or stand and gawk . . . or “armchair quarterback”

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It’s certainly easier to stick your head in the sand rather than risking confrontation (or extra work).

Something I learned from our youngest daughter . . . any time she detected that she was in trouble, she would run TOWARDS us with arms spread-eagle and give us the BIGGEST hug EVER.

The best defense is a great offense.

I sometimes surprise folks with my willingness to step into issues that many people choose to ignore with a delusional hope that the issue will whither away if given enough time. I know that tackling tough issues moves the ball forward (Had to throw in a football analogy on Superbowl Sunday Eve).

I also know that if I don’t do it . . . it likely will not get done . . . and that serves NO ONE well.

Being a spectator is risk free . . . yet insignificant in the grand scheme.

There’s a positive tilt on this . . . If you have a great idea, wouldn’t it be sad if you never implemented?

I invite you to (possibly) and new way . . .

Step INto issues and opportunities you face with a “Taking Care of business” attitude . . . and get’r DONE!

Go ahead and buy an ostrich pillow . . . use it when you need a power nap . . . not to hide from your obligations.


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