If you’re not going to serve me, don’t let me in

Saturday night, Debbie and I realized we had not bought wine for our Easter dinner so while she went into the grocery for a few items, I walked over to our local spirits store.

As I was walking across the parking lot, I saw one of the guys locking the front door . . . Luckily, he saw me and let me in.

The time was 9:55 PM – I realized that they were closing at 10.

There were 4 Employees in the store, and I felt nothing but impatient hostility the entire time I was there as all 4 glared at me.

All I wanted was a nice bottle of Chardonnay and a decent Zinfandel and do not know wine, so I was a bit flustered . . . feeling hurried.

I grabbed a bottle of Chardonnay and abandoned the notion of searching for the Zinfandel, paid quickly, and left.

As I was walking back across the parking lot hearing the front door lock behind me, I wondered why those guys even let me come in the store?

Clearly, I was inconveniencing them by showing up 5 minutes before closing time (I had no idea Spirits stores close that early on a Saturday night).

They had NO intention of “serving me” . . . They just wanted me to LEAVE, so they could clock out.

Funny thing . . . If they had actually served me by helping me find what I came to fetch, I would have been out of their hair a LOT faster . . . and we all would have been happier at the end.

Instead . . . I am certain that the next time I want to buy Spirits, I will drive a little further rather than again risk being an inconvenience to the folks at “Bud’s”

I think this scenario has the possibility to play in ALL professions.

It certainly had potential to play out when I was in the restaurant business where I learned that many of my most loyal customers kept on coming back because they never felt like they were inconveniencing us by showing up.

I sometimes see this with REALTORS at the tail end of an Open House . . . If the sign says “2-4,” there may be ZERO visitors from 3-4, and promptly at 4 as we’re turning off lights, a car drives up.

THIS is a “Moment of truth” . . . Will you be welcoming and unhurried?

Will you care enough to serve?

If not . . . don’t let them in!

EVERY business has these “opportunities” virtually EVERY day.


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