If you’re not going to be on time . . .

Call before the appointed time and beg forgiveness.

We all occasionally lose track of time and/or appointments.

It happens, and no-one will judge us . . .

Unless . . .

we fail to communicate.

Don’t leave folks hanging in the lurch.

In that call, apology comes first followed by an offer to reschedule.

I’ve learned this lesson over and over and over and seldom go anywhere without having all the tools I need to keep myself productive in the event the person I’m going to meet fails to show up on time (or at all).

When someone fails me without communicating, I can’t help but judge them and think twice before agreeing to another appointment.

I usually give them the benefit of a doubt and a 2nd chance . . . and 80%+ of time, they fail me again.

This person’s gotta be very good at what he does for me to tolerate ┬ámore than 2 “Fails.”

Sometimes that person IS “that good” so I change my own expectations and adjust our arrangements . . . like my favorite heat & air guy who, as long as we don’t have to set a specific time for him to be there, magically gets it done and sends me a text when it’s done.

In my book, that guy went from providing the worst customer service (because he never showed up on time) to providing the best customer service because I don’t ever have to go meet him :-).

It’s all relative to expectations and boundaries, isn’t it?

These are the things that tumble through the mind of a Real Estate Strategist who’s always thinking of ways to improve the House Buying and/or Selling process for clients of Pareto Realty.

We address these nuance issues up front with every client in our initial “Listening Consultation.” It is during this 45 minute to an hour consultation that we all learn the best framework (rules) of communication.

Connect with us when you’re in the mood for a move and sample our flavor of ‘Home Grown real estate” in Middle Tennessee.



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