If you’re going to delegate . . . Delegate the right things.

I’m a BIG fan of delegating tasks and roles that aren’t in my 20.

“In my 20” references my 20% – My Vital Few – The things that matter most.

We each have our own unique competency and/or area of expertise. That strength of ours (what we are good at doing) is our value in our work.

This is what makes us an important member on our team.

In a perfect world, we figure out how to do ONLY that and very little (if any) of the 80 (80% Trivial many tasks).

THIS is how we get famous and successful . . . suddenly we are THE expert – The Thought Leader – The GoTo person.

As the business grows, the 80% stuff increases exponentially. We find ourselves getting consumed with the trivial details resulting in degrading quality of our service/work.

The best choice is to delegate as much of this 80% stuff as possible to free up some bandwidth to be able to turn more attention to important.

Don’t get carried away!

If we delegate the things that our customers and clients value the most about our work, we risk losing them.

It is then that we must make a choice.

Do we focus on scale or quality?

Would we rather be the BIGGEST or the BEST?

Both are OK!

. . . as long as it’s an intentional choice.

Published by Barry Owen

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