If you refuse to agree with me, I’m gonna sue you!

Threatening lawsuit is NOT the path of least resistance to conflict resolution.

In fact, the threat of lawsuit will almost certainly result in immediate cessation of anything akin to useful dialog.

Spirited debate is healthy (I think of watching puppies as they figure out their hierarchy of dominance) . . . but when it escalates to unreasonableness . . . POOF . . . “usefulness” vanishes.

Most threats of litigation are “idle threats”, and we all know it.

These are “in the heat of the moment” frustrations boiling over to grasp for anything within reach to FORCE your will on your “opponent.”

When we posit legal action, do we pause long enough to consider the complexity and cost (Time, Energy, And Money) we are potentially “investing” in an action which likely will not bear fruit and will consume our very souls for a long time.

What’s the real “opportunity cost” of following through on this threat?

Is it worth the probable damage to personal and business relationships – Credibility – Reputation – and whatever publicity and stigma that goes with it?

In my world of Real Estate sales, there are plenty opportunities for REALTORS and Home Buyers and Sellers to get cross-wise with each other.

All too often, emotions can well up as we all deal with multiple, complex issues to be tackled by multiple personalities with dogs in the hunt.


When things go wonky, and someone utters the “S” word (sue), it’s time to pause and breathe and . . . study the contract.

What does the contract say in plain black and white about this issue?

Let’s together seek to understand the agreement.

Then . . . Let’s work together to find resolution.

But first . . . Let’s remember why we’re in this dialog/argument . . . A willing and able Buyer likes the house currently for sale by a willing and able Seller, and our job as Real Estate Sales Professionals is to “Facilitate” this transaction while sustaining fiduciary duties to our clients.

Agents . . . Don’t get in the way of (sabotage) a perfectly good transaction out of hubris.

Our clients deserve better.

(Hops off the soap box)

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