If you focus on it . . . It’s gonna get BIGGER!

This IS a true statement.

What you focus on EXPANDS!

It can work with ya or agin ya . . . 

Where your focus is can define or destroy your probability of success.

Most folks can find myriad “reasons” for their failure and might even be tempted to cast blame on outside forces (Like the economy).

My problem with this line of thinking is that the proof is in the pudding. If all of those outside forces are so inhibitive to your success in your field of work . . . why don’t they beat those other people in your industry who seem to be plugging along at a high level of performance?

Consider this: I received a news bulletin that proudly announced that there were 15 National Merit Finalists from the Senior class of 2013 for all of MNPS (Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools) . . .

I clicked the link to see which schools these smart grads attended and discovered that ELEVEN of the 15 came from the same school (Hume Fogg) . . . the remaining 4 came from 4 other schools.

Is this just Lucky for Hume Fogg?

Does Hume Fogg have better students than the others?

Granted, it IS a “Magnet School” that requires a lottery for attendance – BUT – the requirements for qualification for the lottery are nowhere NEAR the caliber of National Merit Scholar students . . . and everyone who submits an application has the same chance of getting into the school . . . and that SAME pool of applicants also have the choice of several other Magnet Schools.

My point is that I don’t think the kids at Hume Fogg are smarter than the kids at the other schools . . . I think the Faculty and administrators of Hume Fogg understand the principle of “What you focus on EXPANDS!” better than the others.

At Hume fogg, everyone is there to LEARN. at many other schools, the focus is more on the overall performance of the school than on the amount of learning at a high level by the students.

In real estate transactions, there’s one sure-fire way to turn a smooth transaction into a maelstrom . . . focus on all of the bad things that COULD go wrong.

I promise that if the REALTOR and/or the client focus on those “bad things” . . . those “bad things” WILL happen.

If you’re losing sleep over the appraisal and expecting it to come in under value . . . it probably will.

If you’re in fear of the home inspection and praying to get a blind inspector, Eagle Eye Inspections is going to show up.

If you are scared to death that the underwriter will find a bunch of reasons to delay the closing, he will.

Life’s too short for all of this WORRY!

That’s what focusing on the bad things is . . . WORRY!

Quit it!

Focus on the things that are great and productive.

Focus more on the things that MATTER and less on the things that don’t.

Focus on what’s RIGHT in the world . . . not on what’s wrong.

Be your own best cheerleader . . . positively charge every moment of every day.

I dare you . . . Let the “bad news” be a surprise and not a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Be BOLD enough to proceed til tackled with gusto.

If you’re REALLY serious about finding a high level of success, you don’t have the TIME, ENERGY, or MONEY to waste on worrisome thinking/focus.

Someone asked me if I thought the kids at Hume Fogg are smarter than the others, and that really pissed me off (can you sense that?) because I know that ALL of our kids are BRILLIANT in their own ways . . .

There’s NO problem so big that pure focus can’t tackle.

Where’s YOUR focus?




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