If there aren’t pictures of it on Facebook, Did it happen?

I didn’t post a single message on facebook on Christmas day.

I did not conscious choose not to post any messages . . . it just didn’t happen.

Well . . . Christmas happened . . . but posting on facebook didn’t.

In fact, I didn’t even take any pictures or video on Christmas day either.

How is this possible?

I understand if you think this is incredulous.

Actually, it’s akin to 1st world heresy.


If there are no pictures or video on facebook, it must have either not happened . . . or what happened went horribly wrong resulting in a conscious choice not to post any record of it.

There is a 3rd possibility . . . Maybe we were so into just being together and celebrating that we didn’t think to “document” our special time together for the world to see.

THIS was the case in #OwenHollow yesterday.

This was a magical afternoon of fun and being fully present with all of the beings we love and cherish.

My Mother was with us for the entire afternoon, and she was engaged and Spirited and conversational the whole time. This is especially significant because she has Alzheimer’s and seldom “lasts” longer than an hour without becoming irritable and/or confused. Mom was the Mom we’ve known our whole lives for a few hours . . . the BEST gift EVER!

Even the 8 dogs in attendance – Apollo, Elsa, JayJay, Jackie Blue, Curly, Tony, Thor, and Gilligan had the time of their lives as they spread puppy love throughout the room.

We celebrated Sister Amy and Niece Arial receiving the SURPRISE gift from Brother in law Ron of Gilligan.

The food?

Oh my . . . Not the usual Christmas fare! I went rogue with Cajun comfort food –¬†beef bourguignon and Boiled beef sandwiches dipped in gravy.

My true hope is that you, too, had a fabulous Christmas celebration and experienced a miracle or 2.

We learned the secret to escaping from our technology . . . being fully present and engaged with each other.

Our next celebration in Owen Hollow is New Years Eve Eve (Saturday 12/30) when I’ll be cooking up @ 50 lbs of fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs with all the trimmings.

The good news is that you are welcome to stop in for a bone or more . . .


Sister Amy just sent me a text of Mom, Heber, Arial, and Daughter Allison . . . The only known “digital documentation” of this phenomenal celebration.

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